• Beyond Psychedelics, Prague 30.Sep – 02. Oct 2016

    Global Psychedelic Forum

    Dr. Engelbert Winkler & Dr. Dirk Proeckl will provide a speech and one or two workshops:

    "Developing new dimensions of psychonautic and psychedelic therapy with Lucia N°03."
    "Mit Lucia N°03 neue Dimensionen der Psychonautik und der psychedelischen Therapie erschließen."


    Details will be updated and available on

    About Beyond Psychedelics:

    The aim of the conference is to create a platform for global cooperation of various people with a professional or other interest in psychedelics and also from other areas where psychedelics can be – but are not necessarily always involved, like drug policy, harm reduction, mental health, spirituality and religion, ecology, etc. Those people are ranging from scientists, practitioners and other experts, to the grassroots.  The event:
  • 02. – 04. Sep 2016

    "Lucid dreaming" – Dr. Engelbert Winkler at

    40th International SPR (Society for Psychical Research) Conference 2016

    University of Leeds, UK

    The SPR was the first organisation established to examine allegedly paranormal phenomena using scientific principles.

    The SPR is a Registered Charity, established in 1882
  • Wellness Congress in Innsbruck
    16. June 2016
    As a cluster member of Standortagentur Tirol we will participate at the Wellness Congress in Innsbruck
  • Lucia N°03 will be at the Mind Body Spirit

    29. April - 2. May London GB
  • Full Dome Festival 2016

    Zeiss-Planetarium Jena, Germany

    It’s our great pleasure as well as our honor to be invited for demonstrating (out of competition) our  „high tech Sleep temple“ in Jena. For more than 150 years the science city Jena has been shaped by innovative, light-based technologies and now we receive quite an unexpected chance to see our „shining" success story in this historic city of light at an equally historic location - the Zeiss Planetarium.

    Our special thanks goes to Micky Remann, the director of  FullDome Festival 2016.

    We joyfully look forwards to the event and a personal meeting.
  • Lucia °03 at ILA congress Vienna

    March 2016, Sigmund Freud University

    Lucia N°03 was the hightlight at the yearly congress of International Light Association what took place 03/2016 in Vienna: The Hypnagogic Lightexperience with Lucia N°03 is the leading technology in the field of „altered states of consciousness & awareness“ in connection with light.
  • STUDY - on Cracking Consciousness using Lucia N°03

    UK, Dr. David Schwartzman
  • October 2. 2016

    Legalise Freedom radio online - Interview with Dr. Engelbert  Winkler  "Getting High on Light"
    (Legalise Freedom radio online is hosted by independent UK writer and journalist Greg Moffitt and features interviews with some of the world`s foremost alternative thinkers and researchers)
  • STUDY - EEG Functional Connectivity and Phenomenology of Induced Dissociative States,

    UK Dr. David Schwartzman
  • STUDY - INTO THE LIGHT, Creativity through Psychedelic Light Travel,

    DE, Prof. Ralph Buchner
  • Healing potential by altered states of consciousness & Lucia N°03
  • Studies in regards to Lucia N°03’s mode of action
  • Statement on the effectiveness of Lucia Nº03
  • Peom Ms Tietze public
  • Meditation Experience with Lucia N°03
  • The turn of the year